7 Places to Market Your Writing Services and Get Consistent Work


Finding the right place to market your writing services is a must-do for you if all care about is getting consistent writing work. With the freelance statistics update on the US, the UK, and Europe, there’s a rapid growth in freelancing. 

Although there’s ever been a bright future for freelancers in the gig economy, the need to prepare for the stiff competition can also not be neglected, especially when you consider the influx of people into the career.

What do I mean by this?

You must be ready to compete for job with the large numbers of people trooping into the freelancing world day in day out.

One way to win the competition is by embarking on effective marketing via places where your idea customers are located. Plus, you need to learn to deliver top-notch services that will keep them coming back to you for their projects. In other words, marketing without quality services is like investing in a venture that’s almost certain to fail.

Marketing your writing services need not be as hard as you think, but if you’re just trying to market for the first time, it can be tougher than expected. From creating awareness for your services, to getting a new client, there are lots of hurdles to pass through.

However difficult and overwhelming this might sound to you, there’s always a way out. First thing to know – there are different ways to market a service, and you may never have to try all the methods at once. Pick a method at a time and try it to see what works best for your business. Then stick with that which works best for you.

This way, you’ll not only know what works from what doesn’t but you’ll also find developing a better writer marketing plan a breeze.

In this post, I’m going to share with you 7 places where you can market freelance writing business and land consistent gigs.

But before that, let me clarify you on some reasons why you can’t dispense with marketing.

Why Marketing Your Writing Services?

Here’s why marketing is important for any business (yours included):

  • It helps creates awareness

 In building customer value journey, awareness is the first thing to create. If you fail at making people aware of your business, then getting sales will be next to zero. Creating awareness is fundamental in business marketing and promotion.

But as important as awareness is, it’s just one tactics of the many digital marketing tactics that you need to learn to succeed online.  

Whether you’re a newbie in freelancing or already established in it, one thing is compulsory for all: marketing.

Through effective marketing, potential customers become aware of whom you are, what services you offer and how to locate you.

  • It increases sales.

There isn’t a thing that boosts sales like marketing. If you ever need to increase your sales or continue to get consistent sales, then you should be more up and doing with a strong marketing campaign.

  • It helps in Making Buying Decision.

Most buyers need to be sure you’re the right person for their project before taking the plunge. You can only get them to know this through marketing your services. And when they do, they can make an informed buying decision for themselves.   

  • It creates trust.

 One of the things marketing your services do is to build trust for your business. This is easy as past customers who had bought your services already know who you are and can always trust you for who you claim to be. When customers know you in this way, they can promote or advocate for you through a word of referral.

7 Places to Market Your Writing Service and Get Consistent Work 

  1. Blog

One of my favorite places to market and showcase my writing services to both existing and potential clients is through my blog. A blog can be of many great values to freelance writers. Apart from serving as a place to showcase your writing portfolio, it can also be used for educating your online audience  by sharing engaging and valuable blog posts or articles with your audience via your business blog or website.

Another good thing about running a blog is that it helps convince your prospects that you know your niche very well. It also let them see you as an authority in your field – and this can convince them easily about your quality and make them want to work with you.

There are different ways of operating a blog for freelance writers. You can either choose to blog about your niche(s), or blog around the topics you’ll like to get paid for. This way you’ll not only be marketing your writing skills you’ll also be showcasing your worth to your potential clients.

2. Social Media Platforms

Social media platforms have become where many businesses and individuals alike love to hang out. And, if you’re trying to locate and connect with your customers online (both potential and existing ones), you need to go social. And it can be the best place to market your services and land new gigs.

There are different social platforms to join but starting with the major ones is far better for your time and commitment because you don’t want to chew more than you can swallow. So I’ll advise you start with these ones first: LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest.

Go now and register an account with these platforms, if don’t already have one. And then start to share valuable and engaging posts related to your business or niche on the platforms. And you can also start to “pin” your freelance writing services on the platforms.

By pinning your ad, it ensures nobody will miss any vital information about your business. 

3. Guest Posting

In case you don’t already know what this means, guest posting simply means writing and publishing articles on a site or blog other than yours. It’s one of the greatest ways by which bloggers connect with new readers and get their names out quickly. It can also help in building backlinks or traffic to your site or blog, which can help your site in search ranking.

Apart from using guest post as a way of building backlinks to your site or blog; it’s also a way of promoting your business. Although there are steps to follow to promote your business with guest posting, the most important thing is to ensure you commit your time into creating high-quality and valuable web content that pull in readers and compel them to share your content.

You can imagine the kind of exposure you can get for your blog if you guest post on a popular and authoritative blogs like Copyblogger.com  or Problogger.com.

Without doubt, you’ll agree with it’s a great form of marketing a business.

To reap the full benefit of guest posting, don’t forget to ask the blog or website owner for a link to your blog while writing a guest blog post.

4. Forums

Forums are a great way to connect with fellow writers and self-promote your business. The best way to use forums is to join the relevant ones. And it’s important to try and read their rules before marketing your service to people in the forum. Once you read and understand their rules, pick the right thread, participate actively in the discussion, and include a link to your blog in your signature (if allowed).

However, you shouldn’t join a forum for the sole purpose of promoting yourself alone, try to also contribute to the thread discussion and help people in whatever ways you can.

This way, you can easily win their hearts easily when trying to market your services to them.

Here are some forums to try out and get consistent writing jobs:

  1. FreelanceUK
  2. WarriorForum
  3. Wahm
  4. Digital Point

5. Freelance Websites

Freelance websites are one of the best places for beginner freelance writers to land a job and market their writing skills. The good thing about freelance sites is you don’t need to worry about getting traffic or building a blog for your business as you’re starting out.

The platforms already have websites and enormous traffic you need – you’ll only need to learn to leverage it.

So all you have to do is head over to any freelance site of your choice and create an account to get started.

One thing you need to take note of here, if you’re just starting out, is you can also use a freelance site for building your writing portfolio.

One mistake I see many writers for the content mills make is not taking full advantage of these sites. And by this, I mean use the sites as an avenue to build your testimonials and writing portfolio and then take your writing services to the next level.

To do this, simply ask your clients for the link to where the article you’re writing will be posted. Once you get the link and the testimonials, head over to any online portfolio websites (like clippings.me), create an account there and add the link to your clips.

The good thing about these portfolio website is most of them are free and they offer you custom URL. Some of the popular and professional portfolio websites for freelance writers are Clippings.me, Contently.net, Journo Portfolio, Pressfolios, Muck Rack, WordPress.com, and Squarespace.com.             

6. Blog Commenting

Yes, you heard me right – Blog commenting is a cool way to market your writing service and get your name out.

What is blog commenting?

Blog commenting is a way by which bloggers and blog readers share their views on a particular topic or a blog post posted on a particular blog or website. It doesn’t only attract traffic to your blog; it also helps it to become more social. 

If you’re wondering how blog commenting can help your business, here’s a blog post at the Brick Marketing that explains in detail the benefits of blog commenting.

Also, in that article, there’s for you tips on how you can use blog commenting to build inbound traffic to your blog and gain more exposure for your business.

The trick to blog commenting that has worked for me many times when trying to market my writing business and land a gig with either the readers of a blog or its owner is to go to any blog I’ll like to write for and start posting a comment there. I always make sure my comment is unique and offer valuable tips that pull in both the readers and the blog owners.

Once they start to pay special attention to my comment, they’ll want to connect with me using my signature. This way, I can easily win them over and land a gig with them.

One thing you want to avoid is posting random comments that don’t get read or appeared like spam comment.

7. Social Groups

Where are in a world where connections matter. By belonging to relevant social groups you stand a chance of landing more clients.

While some groups might be just a waste of time, figuring out relevant social groups in your niche is the first thing you need to join a group.

For most social media platforms, searching for any group is darn easy. All you have to do is to use a keyword in your niche with the word group. For instance, I would type into the search bar “Creative writers group” if I were to search for a group of writers specializing in creative writing.

You can also use the same search strings to search for your group on Google and other search engines. 

Wrapping Up!

Getting a client and consistent work doesn’t have to be a headache if you know the right places to explore for your self-marketing. Go out today and start marketing your writing services to all of these places and you’d be happy you did.

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