7 Reasons Why Freelancing Is the Best Option For You

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With the level of unemployment rate in Nigeria today, and in some parts of the world, especially Africa, it’s glaring that government alone may not be able to provide the job that we all need to survive.

Even though some are in one job or another, they’re either not satisfied with what they’re being paid for the job or working in a job that doesn’t commensurate with their certificates or academic qualifications.

If this sounds like you, then you might want to consider freelancing as the best way to complement your income and, most importantly, have the life of your dream.

There are a number of advantages for doing freelance work offers you over any type of job. Apart from being your own boss, it allows you to manage your schedule without taking orders from anyone.

If you’re a graduate without a job or the regular 9-5 job isn’t paying you well, freelancing is what you can start today and moonlight on the side while complementing your monthly stipend.

Being a freelancer is something that requires no start-up capital or special skills. You can even leverage your writing skills and start freelance writing in no time.

Here are some of the reasons why you need to be a freelancer:

1. It Helps Actualize Your Creative Urge

Most people have special skills in one way or another that their current office job doesn’t allow them to showcase. But with freelance work, such people could easily find the right platform to showcase the skills and earn a side income from it.

For example, an accountant working in an insurance company may have a flair for writing but may not have the time to actualize that flair because he’s being confined to his office job.

Do you know you can actually start with freelancing as a part-time career?

And that will help bring your long-time dream of satisfying your creative impulse into a reality. 

2.It Complements Your Income

One of the good things about being a freelancer is that it’s a good source of income for any 9-5 worker who’s in need of a side income to augment his monthly salary.

Depending on the type of skills and niche you’re going to venture into, you can make as much as $40 per hour or as higher as $0.25 per word of an article you write for your client.

And your ability to earn higher depends on what time and skills you bring into the freelance job. And as time passes and you start to land more gigs and get more clients, you can face freelancing full-time and have a lifestyle of your dream – where you can decide when to have a vacation, how to spend your time with your family, and what monthly income you like to be getting from your job. 

3. It Creates a New Career for You

If you’re the type of a person who loves trying a new career and learning new skills, making a foray into freelancing can best prepare you for such a smooth switch in career. And, once you start learning and grasping things in your new career, it’s just a matter of time before you start turning pro in it.

The truth, however, is it may not be easy when you’re starting out to try new skill or career because most clients out there prefer buying from freelancers they’ve already tried and felt happy about their services.

And to you also, you may not find it an easy idea venturing into that new career line, but if you persist, hone your skill, and focus on rendering top-notch services that’ll help promote your work, you’ll end up finding freelancing something worth trying.

4. It Gives You the Advantage of Managing Your Own Schedule

If you’ve ever been into a 9-5 job you’d understand how hard it can be managing one’s schedule. Before you can take a leave off your work or go on a vacation, you know how many papers you need to fill and how many offices you need to visit to get the approval for your holidays.

But with freelancing, you can manage your schedule and pick up holidays at will. All you have to do is simply communicate it to your clients and that’s final. They can’t stop or decide when you go on holidays or when not to go, or when to resume.

But where they can only come in is if you haven’t completed their jobs, or if you choose to make more money by canceling the proposed holidays.

The greatest thing of it all is when it’s time to lurch back to work, all you need is pick up your laptop and start working from wherever you’re like you never went for any break before.

So’ it’s all within your whim and caprices to decide how long or short you want your vacation to be. If you decide to make the resumption now, it’s your choice, and if you decide to defer it, no problem – it’s all for you to decide.

5. It Makes You Your Own Boss

Are you tired of pointless office politics and bureaucracies?

Do you wish to have a work environment that’s free of tedious assessment procedures?

Are you looking for the right opportunity to escape the corporate culture associated with the 9-5 job?

With freelancing, you can decide all of that and become your own boss without being subjected or fixed to any employer for a long-term period or having to stiffen yourself within the confinement of any strict work policies.

Freelancing is so exciting that even when you’re working on a long-term contract; it’s still different from the traditional job corporate culture. 

6. It Guarantees You Job Security

Job security is something no one can guarantee when in a traditional employed role. Although a freelance contract isn’t forever and gets terminated once the job is completed but the prospect of having a repeat customer is always there, especially if you know what you’re doing and do it better to make people always want to come back to you.

And again, as long as you’re willing to work, the job will always be there waiting for you. As with the employed role, you’re just a few steps away from redundancy even when you’re eager to work. In freelancing, you’ve got to decide when to stop working and when not to.  

7. It Gives the Pleasure of Working from Home

Many people don’t really believe it’s possible to earn a living working from home. To some, it’s even an outright lie, but, in truth, there is a limitless opportunity for you to make a decent income from the comfort of your room by simply doing freelance work.

One of the lucrative niches you can get started in and land a gig fast if you know what you’re doing is freelance writing. To start a freelance writing business you don’t need to be a writer whiz, all you need is to learn few and essential writing skills.

And the good thing is you can even start writing on your area of discipline as a niche. For example, if you’re an Accountant, you can choose a niche in personal finance, business, etc.

And, with that, you’ll only need to learn little web content writing skills and then you’re good to go.  

Wrapping Up

Becoming a freelancer can be the best option for you if you think you have a skill that you will like to showcase to the market. There’s never a perfect time to start, but now might be the best time for you to consider it a side income earner for you, because you never know what may happen tomorrow.

As you’re planning to venture into freelancing, don’t forget that there are some skills you might need to learn to boosts your chances of doing better in the career.

And once all is set, you can begin to reap the benefits of freelancing non-stop. One of the benefits you’ll enjoy in this career is that you’ll no longer be subjected to any tough corporate culture or discipline as it’s in your traditional workplace. But you’ll still need some levels of self-discipline to survive.

So there you’ve found out the 7 reasons why freelancing might be the best option for you to try. You don’t really need to quit your job immediately as there many companies that are willing to take full-time freelancers to handle certain aspect or needs of their businesses.

You can start with freelancing today and leverage that as a means to complement your income and have that beautiful lifestyle you’ve always dreamed of.

Do you think freelancing is a good idea? What experience do you have about working from home?

Kindly share your experience with us in the comment box below!

Thanks for reading!!!     

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