7 Small Business Marketing Tips You Need to Excel Free

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In today’s very competitive business world, marketing is very essential for any business to grow. But the truth is, as essential as marketing is, it’s very expensive. If you’re serious about growing your business, then you need invest in marketing it in some ways.

Paid ads like Google Adwords could be great but again you may not be able to make it if you’re starting your business on a shoestring, which is what many small businesses would do.

Fortunately, you don’t have to break the bank to market your business as there are many free options to have.

In this article, I’ll teach you 7 small business marketing tips you need to excel free in your business conversion and growth.

  1. Know Your Audience

The first thing you want to consider when thinking about small business marketing tips is defining who your audience is. Creating buyer personas help you get most out of your marketing campaign.

In fact, it helps you answer questions like:

  1. Who your audiences are?
  2. What jobs or profession do they belong?
  3. What’s their age range?
  4. Where are they located?
  5. What are their hobbies?
  6. How can you help them?

Buyer personas when got right will show you the right strategies and blueprints to follow in your marketing campaign. It helps you create content that wows your audience and reflects their purchase decision.

But as important as buyer persona are, they make big sense when you create them along with sales funnels.

In other words, you shouldn’t forget to create a sales funnels for your different buyer personas. A sales funnel is a marketing system that guides a potential customer/lead through to the purchase decision making process.

So it’s important to take sales funnels into consideration when creating your buyer personas. 

2. Go Social

With almost everyone going social today, social media is one of the best ways for any business to connect with fans and potential customers. Although getting started with it can be overwhelming for small businesses, it’s worth investing your time into.

The good news is you don’t need to have millions of followers to make the most out of these budget-friendly tools. And neither do you have to be on all the platforms to succeed in your social media marketing campaign. All you need is to know where your target audiences hang out and follow them there. And to succeed in this, you need to carry out what’s called social media audience research.

Therefore, the steps to effective social media marketing for small businesses go thus:

  1. Creating a decisive plan. This should spell out things such as your social media marketing objectives, competitors’ research, social media calendar, etc. 
  2. Figuring out your target audience favorite social platforms.
  3. Creating your buyer personas.
  4. Connecting and building solid relationship with your audience.
  5. Sharing valuable content.
  6. Monitoring and responding to your audiences’ reactions and comments.
  7. Measuring and improving your performance.
  8. Expanding your social media audience.

3. Build Your Email List

If you’re not building your email list right from the start of your business then you’re leaving big meat on the table. Email list building or marketing is one of the most effective and proven methods of growing small businesses. While many small businesses tend to see it as a daunting task, it pays off once it’s fully set up.

There are many benefits you can gain from building an email list for your business.

Some of these are as follows:

  1. It’s a way of informing your audience about your products and services.
  2. It’s a proven method to convert your leads to prospects and from prospects to buyers/customers.
  3. It’s a form of surveys to know more about your audience.
  4. It helps in increasing your revenue.
  5. It helps in delivering targeted messages to your audience.

So you may ask how you build your email list. Well, it’s simple. I was going to touch on that here before, but HubSpot seems to have a great blog post already on list building.  So there’s no need beating the dead horse again, go over there and read the blog post for more idea on how to build an email list from scratch.

4. Create a Blog

Blogging isn’t only a tool for writing and educating people about the subject you’re passionate about it’s also a tool for marketing your business. By integrating a blog in your business website and sharing valuable content on it regularly, you’ll be able to build a fan of die-hard readers and turn them into rabid customers.

A great way to do this is by linking to your blog from your main company website and again link from your blog to your website.

However, to integrate it this way, you need to make sure the blog is on your main company domain. This way, it’ll help you in both SEO authority and consistent design elements.

5. Optimize for Search and People

Why is optimizing your website for search and people an important way to market your small business?

Ok. I’m going to explain it to you.

Here’s why it’s important:

Before people buy anything online, they go to Google to search for that product or service. At this stage, they’re trying to gather facts about the product and the best vendor to buy it from. So, think about it, what do you think it means if your business isn’t showing up in the search?

It means your business is dead or simply not existing. Because if nobody can find it when they’re looking for products and services you offer, you’ll certainly get no sales. So you can see why optimizing your website for search engines and people is a must-do.

But how do you optimize your website for search engines and people?

There are two options: you either do it yourself or hire an expert to do it for you.

But, if I were you, I’d try and learn it, because that will help you understand the process and also guide you against being penalized by Google if the person you hired to do it for you should do anything funny.

If you’re looking for better resources to get started with optimizing your website for search and people, here are few ones you can try:

  1. Moz.Com
  2. Webmaster World
  3. Search Engine Watch
  4. Search Engine Journal
  5. Search Engine Land

6 Use Press Release

Many businesses think press release can only be used to announce major developments about their businesses but they don’t know it can also help in SEO and marketing of their businesses. With press release, you can make the public aware of your new products and services thereby growing your business.

Today, most businesses neglect press release writing when putting together a digital marketing strategy, but this shouldn’t be so. Considering the fact that it’s free and capable of helping your SEO effort, it’s high time you started understanding the reasons why press release should be part of your digital marketing strategy.

And once you’re ready to give press release a try, make sure you check out this link for how to use press releases to help grow your business.

7.Use Online Business Networking Communities

Online business networking communities are similar to social media except in the way they’re used. Unlike social media, online business networking communities serve as a key factor in so many businesses’ marketing plan.

And it’s an avenue for business people and professionals to connect with investors and fellow entrepreneurs for the sole purpose of promoting their businesses or getting job opportunities.

If you’re not using these communities already now is the right time to get started. And to get started, here are some top online business networking communities you can try:

  1. AngelList. A social networking community for startups to connect with investors for raising funds and searching for jobs.
  2. Black Business Women Online. This community is exclusively for black women entrepreneurs and professionals to connect with fellow entrepreneurs.
  3. E.Factor. This is a networking community for building your business. It’s also a virtual marketplace for entrepreneurs.
  4. Gust. A social networking community designed to connect startups with investors for early-stage fund raising.
  5. Meetup. A social networking community for meetup opportunities.

Wrapping Up

While there can be more than just 7 small business marketing tips for a shoestring budget, the above are good ways to get the most out of your marketing effort. Plus, they’re free ways to get great results without spending to the roof.

Overall, what’s most important is to take action and be ready to invest valuable time into it. You’ll definitely get results with it.

What other free ways of marketing small business do you use?

I’ll be very glad to have your view in the comment box below!

Thanks for reading!!!

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