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If you’re looking for email writing samples to guide you on how to write an email copy for your lead generation, here’s a good example of how it works.

More so, at the end of this article, there are useful resources for you to access several email writing samples. I’ve compiled the links to the resources for you and make sure you check it out at the end of this article.

Now, enjoy your reading and feel free to use this sample for your business!

Email Writing Sample:

From {} (note: this is what your readers should see when they scan their email inbox)

Subject line {My Email Copywriting Strategies Revealed to You!}

Pre header: Are you ready to find out my email Copywriting strategies that made me 6 figure monthly?

Hey, {reader’s name here}!

You can imagine how busy my day was yesterday because I was working on a post to be published on my blog. It really would’ve been a shame on me if I didn’t do it or let you know about it.

It’s a post that let the cat of the bag on my preciously guarded strategies to email Copywriting that has banked me a 6 figure on a monthly basis.

Believe me. I did spill the beans in the post.

You should check it out HERE {insert a link here} now before others snatch it away from you.

But before you do, here is what you’re going to learn in the post:

  • How to create a killer subject line for your email copy.
  • What proven tips to follow to make your readers click and read your email.
  • How not to write an email copy.
  • What words can make your email copy appear spammy?
  • Why you need to write for the readers.
  • And, many more!

Again, you need to rush over to my blog before others do. I can’t guarantee how long it’s going to remain there, because I’m afraid I can’t let people send me out of business using the strategies against me. So go check it out here now {a link here} before I change my mind.


See you at my site.

Rasheed A.S (name here}

Find out my Email copy secret now! {insert a link here}

P.S: If you’re struggling to write an email copy that works or want to learn how to write proven and result-oriented email check it out here now! {insert a link here}

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More Email Writing Samples Resources Collections:

Below are some helpful resources to get more email writing samples and/or templates you can use for your business:
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5. 30+ Professional Email Examples & Format Templates
6. Business Letter and Email Examples – The Balance Careers
7. 7 Simple Examples of Business Email Writing in English

I’m certain before you exhaust this sample and resources included, you should be right on your way to writing a powerful email copy for your business.

Thanks for your reading!

If you enjoy this email writing sample, will you like to have write a compelling email copy for your business?

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