How to Complement Your Little Salary Freelancing Almost Immediately

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How do you feel finding out you’re left with nothing to pay the bills after planning your budget for the month? Are you getting way lower in salary compared to your monthly financial needs and commitments?

If this sounds like you, then it’s time to find out how to complement your little monthly salary freelancing.  Let’s face it. You’re not happy with getting broke so quickly before month end.

Or don’t think you’re leaving a big meat on the table by not leveraging your skills to fetch extra income on the side? There’s never been a perfect time for freelancing as the need for it is always on the rise.

So you wouldn’t have to search longer before getting freelance job online. On a daily basis, there are tens of thousands of companies looking for people to hire online. If you choose to get started today, you’d not struggle before getting your own slice of the freelancing pie.

In a survey carried out by, it’s projected that if the current uptick in freelancing continues, the majority of the U.S workers will be freelancing by 2027.

Do you get that?

It means the future of the workforce in the U.S is heading toward freelancing (including the entire globe as a whole).

I can see you really are following me keenly now, aren’t you?

Yes, you’re.

The good thing about freelancing is that you don’t need any startup capital or an apartment to get started. So you can really start to freelance almost immediately and break free from the shackle of financial insufficiency.

All you have to do is read on, make up your mind, and I’ll show you how it works in a matter of few minutes.

Maybe I should also tell you this…

You don’t even need to quit your 9-5 job to start freelancing (as many people would suggest to you). You can remain in your present job while moonlighting on the side.

Plus, no special skills are required to get started. Your current skill will do, but you’ll only need to figure out where it’s needed and what marketing strategy to use to present it to your audience.

There are massive lists of online marketplaces where any skill can be sold for cash online. No matter what your skills are, there are definitely people who’ve got need of it.

That being said, let’s dive into it!

Why freelancing to Complement Your Salary?

You might be new to freelancing and so wondering how on earth this is supposed to be an option for you. That’s totally not bad to think about. But there’s one thing that you’re likely not aware of – the benefits of doing freelancing.

And, I’m almost certain you’ll understand why you should consider it a better option in just a while.

Here we go!

1. It’s free to get started.

Signing up with freelance marketplaces to sell your skills online isn’t only free but easy. You can begin now and get your profile up and running in a just a matter of less than an hour.

Unlike in the traditional business, there’s no need to rent a shop, hire a staff or pay for other operational expenses.

In freelancing, all you’ll ever need to get started is your laptop or mobile devices and few thoughts on what services to sell. Funny enough, you don’t even need to buy a domain name or web hosting as all of those are already taken care of by the platform where you’ll be selling the services.

However, some freelance sites do charge for membership fees, service fees, online courses, and for upgrading your level.

2. It helps manage your schedule.

You’ll agree with me that it’s not easy getting off-days from your current office job. I knew how difficult it was back those days requesting for work holidays – it’s a hectic experience – moving from one boss to another for approval, and after filling all sorts of forms.

If managing your schedule is like a dud to you and you want to reverse it and have a perfect lifestyle of your dream, then freelancing is the only option to go by.

3. It help satisfies your creative itch.

Some people are just extraordinarily gifted in some skills and talents. And they’re looking for the right platform to showcase these skills but no way as they’re confined to their present job’s scope and environment.

Even when they try to bring their creative idea into a play, they’re misconstrued for introducing something new to the company and so they get rejected right away. This means not only a waste of talents it could also lead to the untimely loss of such skills.

Freelancing is the only way out through which you can actualize your skills and do what you like doing. 

4. It opens up another career for you.

One good thing about freelancing is that it helps you diversify into another career easily. So you can be able to learn a new skill aside the one in which you’re certificated.  This is not only good for complementing your income but it also prepares you for when you’re ready to venture into a new career.

5. It complements your income.

There’s nothing as good as having to make income on the side of your current office job. The good thing about being a freelancer is that you don’t have to work full time. There are various options to go by – from working per hour to working per project, from working full-time to part-time, etc.

6. It makes you your own boss.

Everybody likes the sound of this: being your own boss. The benefits of being your own boss are numerous. One most important of it is not being subjected to corporate culture and politics. If you’re like me, you know how disgusting this can be and you’ll want to do freelancing to regain your freedom. 

7. It guarantees you job security.

There’s no job as guaranteed as being a freelancer. Even though the contract may terminate there’s always the prospect of getting another job. Except you’re not ready to work, you can never run out of a job or sack yourself as it can happen in the traditional workplaces.

Ways to Complement Your Little Salary Doing Freelancing

There is a bunch of ways by which you can turn your skills to income earner freelancing online. And there is never a limit to what you can make doing this. You can even make what will be enough for you to quit your office job and face freelancing full time.

However, how much you make as a freelancer depends on what skills, type of services and time you bring into it.

For an idea of what services to offer online, here are a few things you can start in a matter of little time and create another income stream for yourself:


With the level of article and web content being churned out on a daily basis, you can’t run out of work, if you choose to make a foray into freelance writing. As a freelance writer, you can offer services such as technical writing, ghostwriting, EBook writing, SEO content writing, blog posts writing, and lots more.

There are tens of thousands of companies looking for writers in all these aspects to help them convey their message and promote their brand through effective content marketing.


There are basically two types of editing: basic and advanced editing. Part of what an editor does is to make sure the written content reads well and reflect the objectives of the company.

Apart from possessing APA style expertise, an editor must possess an eye for detail to detect and correct spelling, punctuation, and syntax errors. In fact, the duties of an editor go beyond just proofreading and editing.

S/he’s also to take charge of other responsibilities such as interviewing & hiring a writer, arranging for copyright permissions, recommending acceptance or revision of the manuscript, and lots more.    

Web & Software Development

If you have a thing for web and software development, this might be just the right niche for you to turn your leisure time into side income earner.

While a freelance web designer will help businesses improve their brand by designing a friendly and cutting-edge website for the business, a freelance software engineer will develop software, analyze, and maintain it for the business.


With the world of business going digital, every business understands the need for an effective digital marketing.  If you’re good at social media marketing, or digital marketing so to say, you’ll be making cool money off it.

Depending on the type of jobs assigned to you, your role can range from marketing assistant to marketing coordinator, and marketing specialists, to mention but a few. Your roles could include, for instance, seeing to things such as searches ads, content optimization, Ad Words campaigns, etc.

Internet & Ecommerce

Most companies need experts to help them with selling and buying online. If you’re good in this field, then it might be an area you want to venture into.

Although your service may not be limited to buying and selling online, you can also provide support to businesses in areas of expertise like technical support, website design, and software engineering.

Account Management

This is another service you can render to complement your income. Many companies are in need of an expert to help them with keeping a tab on their income and expenses and also ensuring they’re not getting derailed from their overall budgetary goals.

This is a very high-in-demand service you can offer on the side and make cool money off it.

Virtual Assistant

A virtual assistant’s roles include, among other things, management of company’s social media accounts, managing email communications, scheduling blog post or editorial calendar, etc., in exchange for cash. 

The good thing about this job is you can decide when or not to work, how many hours to work in a day and rest of things like that.

Logo Design

Logo design is another high-selling service that you can offer online as a freelancer. You need to check marketplaces like and 99designs, to see how companies are patronizing this service.

If you think your graphic design skills are at par, then this might be just the right gig you can use to kick-start your freelancing career and start making decent money on the side. 


There’s this statistical proof about how effectively using infographics can make web content 3x more shareable than any other form of content on social media. That alone explains to you why info-graphics have become popular and highly-demanding among businesses today.

There’s no doubt you wouldn’t run out of work if you choose to offer this as a service.

Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization is about optimizing a website or a blog for search so as to improve a site’s ranking in the search. SEO is a must-do task for all businesses.

Many businesses are ready to spend thousands of dollars to get an SEO expert to help them with tasks such as traffic generation, user engagement, site audit, or keyword ranking, among many others.

If you have a knack for SEO, you may want to venture into this market and build a career for yourself. The truth is SEO isn’t a simple task to figure if you aren’t familiar with it and so companies are more than willing to get people who know about it fix it for them at all cost.

Depending on your skillset, you can choose to go with any of the services listed above and you’ll be able to complement your monthly stipend freelancing in them.

Are you ready to give it a try now? Go ahead and it’s just a matter of time before you start bidding a final farewell to financial insufficiency.

What other ways are you using to sustain yourself? Kindly share your views with us in an email.


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