Writing Product Reviews: How to Make it Work for Your Business

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Are you struggling with writing a product review for your affiliate niche website, such that will do the selling and drive top-quality traffic to your website?

Or, you’re a writer with no clue on how to get started with writing highly-commanding product reviews that your client will fall in love with?

You’re not alone!  Everyone one was once there.

Review articles have become one of the coolest ways many bloggers make decent money off the internet today. Especially for the affiliate marketing guys, learning how to write product review is an inevitable skill they need to succeed in their affiliate marketing business.

There is indeed a catch to crafting a killer review article that does the selling of any product you’re promoting, however, this is not something hard to lay your hand on and become a pro at within a short period of time.

In this article, therefore, I’m going to share with you how to write a product review that will work for you and your business.

Ready to take the leap?

Here we go!

What Is a Product Review?
Product review is a short opinion written by a user of a product or an expert who has the requisite knowledge about the product or service with the sole purpose of helping intending buyers make the right buying decisions about the product or service.

What to Do Before Writing a Product Review
The following are steps to take to write a product review article:

Go After Your Niche Interest
You’ve probably heard many times that you can learn and master just any niche in a short time regardless of your knowledge or otherwise in that niche. Yes, it is true. But you will do better going after a niche in which you already know a little or more about, or you’ve a flair for.

So as you are starting out to plan on the product or niche to center your review article on, consider your knowledge or interest in that niche or product to choose.

Test the Product
Having a product tried out by you will not only help you find out the pros and cons of the product, it’ll also help you write an objective review of it. Don’t forget that the first reason any buyer will want to stop at your niche site or blog and read your product review article is that s/he is in need of your objective opinion and professional advice to make an informed buying decision.

If you fail in this, you wouldn’t only cost the buyer his time but you will also mislead him by following your untrue view about the product.

Do you have to test every product before writing a product review?
There is no just one word answer to this question. I’ll say yes and no. Certain products might require buying and testing them before reviewing them. But for the purpose of Amazon affiliate niche site owners, using these strategies might help you out a lot in writing a product review without buying or owning the product.    

Do More Research About The Product
Testing the product alone might not suffice, so you want to gather more technical facts about the product and, more so, you’ll want to find out what others who have used the product are saying about it. To do this effectively, you will need to:

Check Relevant Sites for Consumer Reviews
If you’re anything like me you will want to see first what previous buyers are saying about any product before making the purchase. The first place I head over to is Amazon.com, where I can check what the “verified buyers’ reviews” are saying about the product.

You can also visit other online retail stores to look for previous buyers’ experience with the product; it all depends on where the product is available for sale.

Writing a Product Review

So you’ve decided on the product to review, you’ve tested, gathered information and buyers reviews from all the relevant online retail stores, and now, you’re ready to craft the review article.

Should you just go ahead and start writing?

If you rely on the facts from above to write your product review you’d be fine, but there is still one last thing to know: the elements required of any review article writing structure.

To be able to write a review article that gets many reads and conversions, here are the key elements to include:

A. Product Introduction and description: This introduces and tells your readers about the product, what it does or what it’s really about.

B. Features and benefits: This is where you talk about the features and benefits offered by the product. Features are the important characteristics peculiar or specific to a product. Benefits are the advantages you stand to gain from the product. For example, a plastic chair can be said to have a feature like ‘sturdy design’, while the benefit from this can be ‘ability to withstand a break or not easily breakable’.

C. Product Image: Embedding the image of the product you’re reviewing helps the readers to have an idea of what the product looks like even before they see it in a real-life situation. You can get an image from the manufacturer website or any retail store but you should always remember to give credit to the source. If you’re not sure about the copyright of the image to use, then using these tips will serve you better.

D. Technical Information: This entails details about the product dimensions, weight, manufacturer or brand, color, among many others.

E. Pros and Cons: Buyers are always interested in knowing beforehand the pros and cons of the product they’re buying. These will help them decide whether it’s worth their money or not, or whether they stand to gain more than they will lose from the product. The rule of the thumb here is to not overstress the downsides more than you would do to the upsides.

Above all, you should never deceive your buyer about any substantial cons that you think the product has. Doing this, will present as someone buyer can’t trust. Just try and strike a balance between the pros and cons.

F. Link to The Product: If you’re recommending a product for someone it’s just normal that you would also want to give a clue as to where he/she can get it. So, adding your affiliate link here to guide the readers to the e-store of your choice wouldn’t be a bad idea.

However, don’t stuff your article with affiliate links. Doing that can turn off the readers thereby seeing you as only interested in making money rather than educating them about the product.

G. Verdict: This is the concluding part of the review article that many buyers are most interested in. This is so as they see you as an expert who’s in the best position to help them make the best buying decision. So don’t forget to include your “call-to-action” at the end (preferably) or middle of your product review article.

Wrapping Up: Writing Product Reviews

Now, you have all it takes to craft killer product reviews, what’re you waiting for? Go ahead and start crafting your first product review article now. Don’t forget to keep handy this guide whenever you’re about writing the piece.

Thanks for reading!!!

What product review writing tips are you employing for your affiliate niche website? Do you think we miss any tip that you’d like us to add?

Kindly use the comment box below!

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