7 Reasons Why Freelancing Is the Best Option For You

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With the level of unemployment rate in Nigeria today, and in some parts of the world, especially Africa, it’s glaring that government alone may not be able to provide the job that we all need to survive.

Even though some are in one job or another, they’re either not satisfied with what they’re being paid for the job or working in a job that doesn’t commensurate with their certificates or academic qualifications.

5 Essential Tips to Get the Most Out of How Outsourcing Works

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Have you ever thought about what essential tips you need to get the most out of how outsourcing works for small businesses?

According to small business outsourcing statistics in 2019, more than one-third of small businesses currently outsource a business process, and 52% plan to do so in 2019.

Going by this, then you know already outsourcing is inevitable for your small business.

Having a good understanding of how outsourcing works is the first requirement for small business owners to get the most out of business outsourcing.

How to Come Up With Good Business Ideas in 7 Easy Ways


If there’s anything as frustrating as time constraint to the entrepreneurs it’s definitely how to come up with good business ideas.

Guess you asked why?


The catch about how to generate business ideas is this:

You need not just any idea to survive but good business ideas. And good business ideas aren’t easy to come by. Because it’s what really separates the successful entrepreneurs from the failed ones – the former don’t only know the right sources of generating business ideas they also know the right ways of doing it.  

5 Lessons I Have Learned About Starting a Business


Which way are you planning to take in starting your business: starting small or big?

Many aspiring entrepreneurs like starting their own business on a very sophisticated and big note. While others like to begin small and grow it over time. As for me, I like being a perfectionist about it – I always want to do things in impressive and sterling ways, but things don’t always work that way.

Family Budget Planning: Become Better With Setting Up Family Budget In 10 Minutes


If you’re wondering why family budget planning doesn’t any longer exist in our society, or why most families fail at it, then you should know there’s only one reason for that:  skepticism – very few or no family believes it will work.

Some even see it as an unnecessary measure aimed at making life boring and not worth living for them. Because they believe planning their expenses and incomes will deny them the freedom they use to have with spending on luxuries and also restrict them in their indulgences.